W E L C O M E !

I began as a self taught furniture maker utilizing Lake Superior driftwood and repurposed items.
Several years ago, after a long day of furniture building, I made a small chair from small scraps of wood. Building full-scale furniture is often physically demanding. I found it relaxing to sit and carve tenons from small twigs. The first small chair was very out of scale and awkward. Chairs that followed were called "Pajama Chairs" becuase I often made them at 3am, while still in my bathrobe.

Many chairs later, I discovered that they became my artistic voice. One of the small chairs, "Pop Art" is included in Lark Book's 500 Chairs.

Small chairs later evolved into figurative pieces, which is the primary focus of my current work. I still enjoy making small chairs, when the mood strikes.
Working with natural materials has been a journey in personal growth. Patience, persevererance and determination have all been tested in the process. It is often a humbling process but I have found that what, in the past, I would have considered a mistake is simply a path to a new idea. - Amy Lansburg
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